January 2016 minutes



Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 5th January 2016 at 7.45pm in Ullenhall Village Hall.



Cllrs. Chair, J.Clayton; J.Bucknall; M.Morris; I.Fitzgerald; A.Stewart; B.Bates.

Clerk, P.Hughes

W.C.C. Cllr. M.Perry



Cllr. A.Jones

S-on-A District Cllr. S.Thirlwell



Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 1st December 2015 were agreed and signed.


Meeting open to County and District Councillors for comments.

Warwickshire County Council

  • The resurfacing of the road to the north of the village is a great improvement
  • Although water gathers at the junction of the Henley Road and Mount Pleasant Lane, it very soon soaks away
  • Water continues to gather in the dip along Church Road, W.C.C. highways will look into this
  • The area outside the church is messy due to the building works. The builders will clean the area when the work on the church is complete.
  • The New Homes Bonus will continue to run for 6 years, and County are expected to receive £3m for 2016-2017
  • The Better Care Fund continues, this encourages patients to recover at home rather than in hospital
  • A Neighbourhood Plan, should Ullenhall Parish have one?
  • The Council Tax for 2016-2017 is set to increase







15/02857/FUL J.Gaffney, Heath Farm – Permission with Conditions

15/04003/FUL  St. Mark’s Charity for St. Mark’s Cottages – Permission with Conditions


Next Planning meeting, if required, Tuesday 19th January 2016 at 7pm



  1. Hard Court area – an Association is to be formed with a Strategic and Business Plan to ensure the project is sustainable. The clerk to contact Madeline Birch to see what progress has been made.
  2. Annual rent due of £200.00. All agreed to pay.
  3. Dog Fouling – a complaint has been received over the amount of dog fouling in the field. Our residents are reminded that this is a children’s play area and no dogs are allowed.

‘No Dogs Allowed’ signs are to be posted at each entranceway.



  1. Mark’s Close – Adverse Possession of some land by the Parish Council has been applied for. S-on-A District Cllr. S.Thirlwell will look into it on our behalf.
  2. Superfast Broadband – no update
  3. Christmas Tree lighting event – Sunday 6th December 2015 at 4.30pm

Another successful event, and a thank you to members of the Parish Council for their input, the Village Hall for allowing the event, John Hughes for organizing the tree and Helen Williams for the music for the carols.


  1. Watery Lane, water gathering by Brook House – concerns have been raised over the potential flood risk caused by the obstruction of the stream along Watery Lane.
  2. Ullenhall Website – concerns have been expressed over the existing Ullenhall.net web site. The Parish Council is considering options.
  3. WALC End of Year Financial Procedure training, attendance to be confirmed
  4. Ullenhall Parish Precept 2016/2017 – after discussion, planning and reviewing it was agreed to request a total of £5,550.00.



  • C.C. Highways
    • The overhanging dead trees from Grimshaw Hill to the Henley Road
    • The tree by St. Mary’s Close has really low branches that need removing
    • The trees overhanging the road opposite Woodmere to the north of the village
    • Ash tree causing concern by the Central Stores in the centre of the village
  • Tipping at Walnut Farm. A full license is held by the resident to allow general tipping to take place.



Items for discussion

Register of Electors, 2015-2016

S-on-A District, Citizens Advice, request for support. All agreed to a £50 donation.

S-on-A District WALC Parish/Town Area Committee, structure and objectives.

Items for noting


BANK ACCOUNTS, as at 4th January 2016

Treasurers Account……………………..                   £117.16

Savings Account…………………………            £23,968.40

of which  Precept is……….        £6,270.27

Charity is………..       £17,815.29



Precept           Ullenhall Village hall, hire charges                   £43.00

St. Mark’s Charity, field rent                           £200.00

E.ON, street lighting maintenance                 £138.22

WALC, for finance course                                £30.00

Citizens Advice, donation                                 £50.00

Charity             Woods Farm, Christmas tree                           £80.00

Refreshments for the December event            £45.50

Mince pies for the December event                 £20.00

The clerk to arrange payments.




The meeting closed at 9.12pm.


Next meeting to be held on Tuesday 2nd February 2016

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