Sticky Children at Royal Wedding Picnic

It’s not every day you get to watch 8 grown men (and one woman) diving in a chocolate cream pie for three minutes…

…or 8 grooms carrying their brides in a 200 yard dash to be the first to get hitched…

…or for that matter there’s a Royal Wedding as the second in line to the throne gets married in Westminster Abbey.

And when all three happen at the same time, in the same place, then it’s an excuse for a big party.

The Ullenhall Royal Wedding Picnic took place on the 29th April, and by all accounts was a great success. The sun didn’t exactly shine but that didn’t stop 200 villagers, their friends and family descending on a bunting bedecked village hall to share in some of the good cheer, and the weather was warm enough for the hall’s french windows to be thrown open and the picnic to overflow onto the lawn and car park.

The Royal Wedding had been recorded from the morning, and was projected on the wall for anyone wanting to re-live the moments (and there were some who still did).

Entertainment was provided by pie eating, wife carrying, a children’s crown parade, and not to mention the fiendishly difficult quiz which had everyone guessing. (The winners were Sarah and Tom Aston, followed closely by team Chadaway).

The children took the lead with their pie eating contest and showed the adults how to do it. 3 minutes to eat as much of chocolate and cream filled pie as they could without using their hands. No one completely finished the pie but there were a lot of very sticky children at the end. The eventual winner was ruled to be Miles Pigdon who had eaten most of his pie (and apparently needed to go home for a shower soon afterwards).

Wife carrying saw 10 ‘grooms’ carrying their partners using a range of techniques from the village hall into the charity field, to collect a marriage certificate, before racing back. Again a very close run thing with several couples falling along the way. Elsa and Chris Chadaway had a strong lead and looked certain to win, only to fall within a meter of the finishing line and eventually be passed by the Pigdons who took first place.

The adult pie eating contest pitted 8 men and 1 woman in a race against time to eat a chocolate filled pie without using their hands. This time the pies were huge and seemed certain to defeat the contestants, but Andrew Tongue showed his appetite by finishing his pie with time to spare and becoming the clear winner.

Free Ice cream was available through the day kindly donated and served by Cindy Brittan from Henley Ice-cream. One repeat customer when questioned admitted to having had 6 ice-creams (but he wasn’t going to tell his Mom)!

Food was served for those who still had an appetite. Sandwiches, Pizza, Quiche, Salad, Chicken, Samosas … The tables groaned but were eventually cleared to be replaced by pudding in the form of several huge cakes, including a centrepiece which was in the shape of a large union-jack. The children had their own table of party food including a genuine Royal Wedding Chocolate Fridge Cake as requested by Prince William and made by Daisy Tipping (instructions by Blue Peter).

The last event was the children’s crown parade in which 30 of the children who had made crowns for the day paraded around the village hall to the applause of all in attendance. Each received a gift and winners of the other events where announced and prizes awarded.

A big thank you to everyone who helped plan and organise the event, to Cindy Brittan for donating the Ice-cream, the Parish council for their financial support and finally every one who attended for making it such a memorable and successful event.

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