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The extension of the fibre broadband network through the CSW Broadband project is going well, with many communities that could never have hoped to achieve superfast speeds under the commercial providers’ programmes now connected to the information superhighway.

One of the biggest challenges for the project team is keeping people informed of what is happening in their particular area. CSW Broadband has the facility to record details, including email addresses, street addresses and landline telephone numbers, and with this information they are able to contact residents and businesses to let them know when their local infrastructure is due for upgrade and, more importantly, when the faster broadband is actually available and ready to be ordered through an Internet Service Provider.

It may be that you receive the CSW Broadband newsletter, but they don’t have your full contact details and so are unable to link your line to specific telecoms structures – and without this information it is impossible to know when you will benefit from the upgrades. All residents are therefore strongly urged to register their details with the project by completing the form at:

The site also contains a wealth of information about the rollout of superfast broadband, along with a checker map that goes right down to property level!

Register today to be kept informed of when faster broadband is available

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