Parish Council Meeting : Dec 2017 minutes


Councillors : John Clayton (Chair), Joan Bucknall (Vice Chair)

Derek Jones, Barry Bates, Roger Putnam

Clerk : Carol Clements

APOLOGIES : Margaret Morris, Isobel Fitzgerald, Cllr Stephen Thirlwell


Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Tuesday 7th November 2017 agreed and signed.

Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on Tuesday 21st Nov 2017 agreed and signed.





Mr Terry Hill and Mr Paul Nicholas raised the subject of the recent damage done to the grass area at the end of Gentleman’s Lane (junction with Mount Pleasant Lane) and queried whether there was any way to identify the culprits i.e. installing a camera. Cllr Clayton advised that as the land is county land, the County Council would need to take any relevant actions. Clerk will write to WCC and request a site meeting to discuss possible solutions.

Any response /action from Forestry Team at WCC regarding the trees opposite Woodmere / Spindlewood / White Gate Cottage ? None so far.

Mrs Annie Harris noted that there is no sign advising of the junction at Redditch Road (A4189) and Church Lane and requested that Council request the installation of a suitable sign from WCC Highways. Clerk has sent in request to County Highways – no response yet.

Mrs Harris also requested that a map of the village showing house names including postcodes be produced due to the rising number of delivery drivers asking for directions.

Mr Andrew Jones has uploaded a version onto the Ullenhall Parish Facebook page ( and would appreciate any comments.


Warwickshire County Councillor – Cllr John Horner :-

Cllr Horner advised that is still waiting for the results of the average speed data and he is still planning to set up speed checks.

Re the potential flood risk caused by the obstruction of the stream along Watery Lane, where the resident has agreed to lower the feature to allow a better flow of water. Clerk sent letter to the land owner (Mr P Robbins) on 10th Nov 2017 to ask when the works will be done. No response received, so Clerk to forward copy of letter to Cllr Horner who will then follow up.

Further to the email from Ms Claire Meyer proposing ‘pinch points’ throughout village, the Clerk has received an email from Jon Rollinson (Traffic & Safety Group WCC) noting that £10k has been earmarked. However, he needs further information. Cllrs Clayton & Putnam will have a walk along the area and decide whereabouts the pinch point is to be.


 Planning Applications

17/03096/LDE – Four Acres, Blunts Green, Henley in Arden B95 5RD : car port incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling. No objection.


17/03342/FUL – Hall End Farm, Ullenhall B95 5RH : construction of a rural worker’s dwelling.

Council objection due to size of dwelling – unsuitable for Green Belt area.

17/02931/FUL – Firs Farm, Deans Green, Henley in Arden B95 5RJ : amendment to Planning = greenhouse has now been removed from plans. Noted.


Planning Permissions & Other Planning Items

17/03025/COUQ – Dairy Barn, Mill Lane, Tanworth in Arden : “Prior Approval” granted for the proposed change of use from agricultural building to 1 no. dwelling house with associated curtilage. Noted

17/02738/FUL – College Farm, Blunts Green, Henley in Arden B95 5RE : “Permission with Conditions” granted ref additional dormer windows & ridge, eaves height lifted to one part of the building. Noted

17/03001/FUL – The Barn, Henley Road, Ullenhall B95 5NW : Planning Permission refused for the erection of a single detached garage. Noted

 Next Planning Meeting will held on Tuesday 19th December at 7pm, in the Committee Room.

Clerk will advise if required.


 ‘Give Way’ sign at junction of Ullenhall Street / Ullenhall Lane has been damaged : Clerk to notify Traffic & Highways.

Council agreed to authorise the purchasing of the equipment necessary in order to meet the requirements of the transparency code i.e. computer, printer etc etc.


Emails received regarding External Auditors for 2017/18 financial year. Council agreed to request exemption from external audit. Clerk to write to SAAA Ltd.


As of 1st Dec 2017, total held = £25,418.84 :

Treasurers Account (Precept account)            = £ 6,398.14

Savings Account (Charity account)               = £19,020.70


 To be paid from *Precept / *Charity account 

Reimbursement to clerk via BACS (Precept) – total due = £147.61

  • £10.00 – monthly travel allowance
  • £17.33 – use of home as office allowance (£4 per week x 52 weeks divided by 12 months)
  • £120.28 – Nov 2017 wages

£157.02 – payment via BACS to Hughes Contract Services for supply of Christmas tree (Precept)

£46.50 – payment via cheque to Cllr John Clayton for supply of Christmas drinks etc (Charity)

£17.50 – payment via cheque to Cllr Joan Bucknall for supply of Christmas food etc (Charity)


The clerk to arrange payments.

 N.B : £250.00 – payment has been made via BACS (29th Nov 2017) to Kristina Barnes for Christmas party for children from the Charity account. Party to be held on 17th December 2017.



Cllr Bucknall noted that the finger post at the junction of Perrywell Lane / Mount Pleasant has fallen down. Clerk contacted John Brown at WCC via Cllr Horner. Received reply : has been added to works list by John Brown at WCC. Awaiting confirmation that works carried out.

The Christmas tree lights were switched on at 6pm on Friday 1st December 2017. Thanks to the various people who gave their time to ensure that this went smoothly and was a great success !


Meeting Closed at 21:15

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