Parish Council Meeting – 7th November 2017


Councillors :

John Clayton (Chair), Joan Bucknall (Vice Chair), Isobel Fitzgerald, Derek Jones, Barry Bates, Roger Putnam

Clerk : Carol Clements

APOLOGIES : Margaret Morris


Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Tuesday 3rd Oct 2017 agreed and signed.

Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on Tuesday 24th Oct 2017 agreed and signed.



Mr. Brian Strugnell (on behalf of himself & his neighbours) raised the subject of the trees opposite Woodmere / Spindlewood / White Gate Cottage : there was concern over the lack of growth control which means the trees are now encroaching on the properties which may lead to potential damage e.g. falling branches etc. Requested that Council ask local council to view. Cllr Fitzgerald asked if whole village could be surveyed. Clerk contacted Highways Warwickshire : received reply from John Brown at WCC – he has forwarded email onto Forestry Team.

Cllr Clayton confirmed that if trees are within a home owner’s boundary, the home owner is responsible for maintenance etc. If outside the home owner’s boundary, then the council is responsible.

Mrs. Annie Harris noted that there is no sign advising of the junction at Redditch Road (A4189) and Church Lane and requested that Council request the installation of a suitable sign from WCC Highways. Clerk to send in request.

Mrs. Harris also requested that a map of the village showing house names including postcodes be produced due to the rising number of delivery drivers asking for directions. Cllr Jones advised that Andrew Jones is in the process of producing this.

Mr. Mike Tipping raised the subject of the parish website and the mentions in previous meetings about the possible updating. Mr. Tipping would welcome contributions if the parish wished to continue using his website.


Stratford upon Avon District Councillor – Cllr Stephen Thirlwell:

Cllr Thirlwell advised that a review of council had been carried out with a view to renting out parts of Elizabeth House. Central Government wants to devolve certain areas of government : WCC & boroughs have applied for a one year trial and are awaiting a response.

Ref Church Hill : Cllr Thirlwell advised that officers have written to the owners of the two plots of garden space, giving them notice to quit. UPC to then be given relevant information regarding the next steps to be taken.

Cllr Fitzgerald noted that the garages have been sold, fences have been taken down and residents advised that nonpayment of charges will result in being clamped. Cllr Thirlwell had requested further information to enable him to chase up : nothing has been heard back yet, other than a hearing / appeal for which no date has been set.

Warwickshire County Councillor – Cllr John Horner :-

Cllr Horner advised that the recent meeting with Nadhim Zahawi MP to discuss road safety & crime issues was a success.

Cllr Horner also advised will get a speed limit test done – this will ascertain what speed limit would apply to any road. He is still waiting for the results of the average speed data and will look into getting a radar set up which will also track speeds.

Re the potential flood risk caused by the obstruction of the stream along Watery Lane, where the resident has agreed to lower the feature to allow a better flow of water. Cllr Horner contacted WCC regarding this obstruction and received a reply form Mr. Barry Ridgway (Senior Drainage Engineer at WCC) which advised that the land owner had been approached, and had promised on multiple occasions to address this situation, but so far has failed to take any action. Cllr Horner that UPC can be given authority by WCC to carry out the required works – he will talk with Mr. Ridgway to get the relevant details. Council instructed Clerk to write to the land owner to ask when the works will be done.

The finish of the gabions along Watery Lane has raised concerns and W.C.C. highways contractors are to return to re-do some of the work. Cllr Horner followed up with John Brown – matter still ongoing. Cllr Clayton will have a look at the current situation and advise Cllr Horner accordingly.


Planning Applications

  • 17/03001/FUL The Barn, Henley Road, Ullenhall B95 5NW
  • 17/02771/FUL Chapel Gate Farm, Chapel Lane, Ullenhall B95 5RT
  • 17/02931/FUL Firs Farm, Deans Green, Henley in Arden B95 5RJ

No objection raised to the above – Clerk will respond accordingly.

Planning Permissions & Other Planning Items – none

Next Planning Meeting will held on Tuesday 21st November at 7pm, in the Committee Room. Clerk will advise if required.


Park House (previously Yew Tree Farm) : old entrance to the highway has been reopened as a temporary measure. Works have now been completed – Clerk to contact WCC Highways to request that temporary opening be closed. Reply from John Brown at WCC stating that once a vehicular right of access has been established this right cannot normally be removed and suggested that UPC may wish to consult with the planning authority. Cllr Thirlwell will look into this and advise.

Council had previously agreed to look at website and then at the next meeting discuss having one Councillor take responsibility to deal with this issue.


  1. Further to the email from Ms Claire Meyer proposing ‘pinch points’ throughout village, the Clerk contacted WCC Highways to request if they would be willing to put further pinch points throughout the village. A reply was received from Mr. John Brown at WCC advising that UPC contact the Traffic Safety Team. Clerk instructed to email.
  2. Transparency Fund grant : Clerk received email on 25th Oct 2017 from John Crossling at WALC : UPC successful in application and will receive funds directly to bank account. £2,530.00 received 1st Nov 2017.
  3. Request from Lucy Wilkes (Stratford DC) for information regarding leisure facilities available. Clerk will respond accordingly.
  4. Notification of gritting routes for Winter 2017/18 – noted.
  5. New Councillor Code of Conduct paper work. Council voted to not adopt the revised code.


As of 2nd Nov 2017, total held = £26,552.44 :

Treasurers Account (Precept account)            = £ 7,282.56 (inc. Transparency Grant rec’d)

Savings Account (Charity account)               = £19,269.88


Reimbursement to clerk via BACS (Precept) – total due = £184.32

  • £10.00 – monthly travel allowance
  • £17.33 – use of home as office allowance (£4 per week x 52 weeks divided by 12 months)
  • £120.28 – Oct 2017 wages
  • £6.72 – Book of 2nd Class stamps (12)
  • £29.99 – ink refills for printer

£345.00 – payment via BACS to Hughes Contract Services for mowing and branch cutting works carried out during October 2017(Precept)

£339.10 – payment via BACS to e-on reference electricity charges 01.07 – 30.09.17 (Precept)

£16.00 – payment via cheque to Mrs. Clayton reference purchase of plants for War Memorial (Precept )

The clerk to arrange payments.

N.B : £120.00 – payment has been made via BACS (25th Oct 2017) to Grant Thornton in respect of Audit for the year ended 31st March 2017 against Invoice 8745692 received 20th Oct 2017 (Precept)

Email received from Kristina Barnes requesting donation from UPC for Christmas party for children. £250 donated last year. Council agreed to make £250.00 donation– payment to be made from the Charity account.


Cllr Fitzgerald had previously received complaints about tree cuttings & other garden debris in the vicinity of Crowley Close. Clerk had written to resident to request clear up. Debris still there. Apparently residents had agreement with 3rd Party to clear away. Clerk wrote to residents again and request that they contact 3rd Party and insist on removal. Cllr Fitzgerald advised that the area has now been cleared.

Cllr Bucknall noted that the finger post at the junction of Perrywell Lane / Mount Pleasant has fallen down. Clerk contacted John Brown at WCC via Cllr Horner. Received reply : has been added to works list by John Brown at WCC. Awaiting confirmation that works carried out.

Cllr Fitzgerald raised the problem of cars parking in St Marys’ Close : due to the vast number of vehicles (over 20) an ambulance could not get through. This is obviously not acceptable. Cllr Fitzgerald will approach residents and ask they apply for dropped kerbs. No response from any residents.

Council confirmed that the Christmas tree lights will be switched on at 6pm on Friday 1st December 2017. Cllr Bates will oversee the installation of the lights on the tree.


Meeting Closed at 21:45

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