Parish Council Meeting – 1st August 2017 : minutes xx


Councillors :

John Clayton (Chair), Joan Bucknall (Vice Chair), Isobel Fitzgerald, Margaret Morris, Roger Putnam

Clerk : Carol Clements

APOLOGIES : Barry Bates

ABSENT : Derek Jones


Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Tuesday 4th July 2017 agreed and signed.

Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on Tuesday 18th July 2017 agreed and signed.




Mr Tony & Mrs Pat Barsby of Wild Peer Cottage raised a query regarding the progress of superfast broadband. Cllr Clayton advised that Cabinet 2 comes from Henley and therefore will not be getting new fibre optics – cables go overhead, not underground. Cllr Putnam advised that he & others had to contribute £2,000 in order to get superfast broadband from Cabinet 4 – he will put them in touch with Ian Binks who has been tasked to sort this out. Cllr Thirwell advised that £475,000 of funds has been released in order to help with poor broadband – he will speak with his contact at WCC to chase up.


Warwickshire County Councillor – Cllr John Horner :- Not present

Stratford upon Avon District Councillor – Cllr Stephen Thirlwell :-

  • Advised council that with regard to the Church Hill piece of land, he has to be able to prove that the person who paid the rent has left and that it is being kept in good order. Cllr Fitzgerald advised that the area is messy and empty. Cllr Thirwell will visit and take photos for evidence.
  • Advised council that there is currently 6.67 years of land supply available.
  • Mentioned that Electoral Register letters were due to be sent out : requested that everyone please return in order to save the costs of sending officers out to chase up.
  • There has been a reorganization of Data Protection Laws : each local authority has to employ a Data Protection Officer by May 2018. Cllr Thirwell will find out if this person will assist Parish Councils in ensuring they comply : he should be able to advise by mid-September


Planning Applications

  • 17/01831/FUL Dairy Barn, Mill Lane, Tanworth in Arden
  • Vote taken – no objections raised. Clerk will reply accordingly to Planning Department
  • 17/01847/OUT, 17/00700/OUT, 17/00701/OUT Redditch Gateway 
  • Vote taken – objections raised : infrastructure not in place to support this development and excess traffic will adversely affect Ullenhall. Clerk will reply accordingly to Planning Department

Planning Permissions & Other Planning Items

  • 17/00485/FUL College Farm. Blunts Green, Henley in Arden B95 5RE :- Permission With Conditions. Noted.
  • 17/01722/FUL Dalecroft, Henley Road, Ullenhall, Henley in Arden B95 5N :- Permission With Conditions. Noted.

Next Planning meeting : Tuesday 15th August 2017, 7pm, in the Committee room.

Clerk will advise Councillors if meeting is required.




Cllr Clayton had received quote from Signs Express to supply a sign : cost of £76.80 agreed.

Sign will be fixed to existing wooden gates and will state “By courtesy of Ullenhall Parish Council”

Clerk will make arrangements.


Yew Tree Farm/Park House

Old entrance to the highway has been reopened as a temporary measure. Need to ensure it is closed when the works have been completed. To be carried forward to next meeting.


  • Email from Alison Gregory (WALC) requesting photos for use at events : UPC will forward anything appropriate.
  • Clerk sent completed mandates to Lloyds Bank to add Cllrs Jones & Putnam as signatories on accounts. Bank required confirmation of ID from Cllr Putnam: Cllr Putnam has managed to get resolved at branch. Bank also required Cllr Bates to confirm ID and signature. Awaiting confirmation from Cllr Bates that this has been resolved.
  • Email from John Crossling requesting information about Neighbourhood Planning. Clerk to reply stating that no Neighbourhood Plan is in place or intended


As of 28th July 2017, total held = £23,690.74 :

Treasurers Account (Precept account)            = £ 4,423.26

Savings Account (Charity account)               = £19,267.48


To be paid from *Precept / *Charity account

Reimbursement to clerk via BACS (Precept) – total due = £156.83

  • £10.00 – travel allowance (April).
  • £17.33 – use of home as office allowance (£4 per week x 52 weeks divided by 12 months)
  • £6.72 – postage stamps
  • £2.50 – WALC ref booklet (Derek Jones)
  • £120.28 – July 2017 wages

£405.00 – payment via BACS to Hughes Contract Services for mowing and branch cutting works carried out during June & July 2017 (Precept)

£138.22 – payment to e-on via BACS for street lighting maintenance (Quarter end June 2017) (Precept)

£335.41 – payment to e-on via BACS for street lighting electricity usage (Quarter end June 2017) (Precept)

£60.00 – hire of village hall (April, May & June @ £12 each) plus 3rd May 2017 £24.00 (Precept). Payment via BACS

£24.00 – payment to Mrs S. Clayton : reimbursement for summer plants around the War Memorial (Precept) Cheque No. 000991 issued.

The clerk to arrange payments.

UPC received remittance advice from HMRC regarding the VAT repayment : £241.83 received. Clerk will confirm amount is correct.


Clerk confirmed on line that no pension payments are to be made by either the Parish Council or the Clerk – acknowledgement received from Pensions Regulator.

Clerk contacted Mrs Hughes requesting contact details for Mr Mike Tipping, so that minutes of Parish Council Meetings can be uploaded to the website. Contacts details received : Clerk has emailed copies of Parish Council Meeting minutes (April – July 2017 inc.) to Mr Tipping. Mr Tipping to send Clerk log on details so in future, Clerk can upload minutes etc.


Cllr Putnam has canvassed neighbours who are in favour of training villagers in the use of speed camera – several have volunteered to help. It was mentioned that anyone interested in helping had to be willing to help throughout Ullenhall, not just their personal area.

Cllr Bates reported (via email) that a ‘Dead End’ sign needs replacing at the end of White Pump Lane leading to Hall End Farm. Cllr Clayton stated that this is a Right of Way, therefore no sign should be erected.

Following comments from Cllr Clayton, minutes amended to : “Cllr Clayton stated that he believed that this is a Right of Way, therefore no sign should be erected. However, he conceded that the existing “No Through Road” sign should be reinstated.”

Councillors wished to discuss the Ullenhall PC web site : Cllr Bucknall commented that the content is out of date and that the Village Hall details are separate from the Ullenhall website. Cllr Fitzgerald suggested that all councillors look at other websites and come up with ideas of how to update the current website.

Meeting Closed at 21.20

Next Parish Council meeting to be held on : Tuesday 5th September 2017


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