Parish Council – 4TH APRIL 2017




John Clayton (Chair), Joan Bucknall (Vice Chair)

Councillors : Isabel Fitzgerald, Barry Bates, Margaret Morris

Clerks : Ms Carol Clements, Mrs Patricia Hughes

Others : Derek Jones






Warwickshire County Councillor – Mike Perry :-

  • Advised that £20M additional funds were to be made available to WCC.
  • Watery Lane concerns are still ongoing.
  • Advised he is stepping down as of 4th May 2017.

Stratford upon Avon District Councillor – Stephen Thirlwell :-

  • Advised that SuA had been included in the Peers Challenge (involving 3 days of interviews with Council Leaders etc) and had been advised that SuA were in a “very strong position”. They will continue to build business relationships.
  • Mentioned the ongoing concerns regarding the lack of major hospital facilities in the region. Will continue to resist cut backs to Horton and Alexander Hospitals.
  • In response to a query from Barry Bates, advised that Jeremy Morrison is supposed to be dealing with issues at Deans Green bridge (after repairs carried out, 4ft banks have been left with no culverts cut – there is therefore a concern about possible future flooding). Mike Perry will follow up.


Ms. Carol Clements welcomed as new Parish Clerk & RFO to Ullenhall Parish Council.

Acknowledgement and thanks given to Mrs. Patricia Hughes, the outgoing Parish Clerk & RFO, who has served the position for over 25 years.




Planning Applications



  • Ref : 17/00720/COUQ Huckerby Property Trust, Chapel Gate Farm, Chapel Lane, Ullenhall – Prior approval notification of the change of use and part conversion of 1 no. agricultural building into 1 no. self-contained dwelling (use Class C3), including associated operational development, under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b).


Vote taken – no objections raised. Mrs. Pat Hughes will reply accordingly to Planning Department.



  • Ref :17/00745/FUL Hillary & Scott – Mr. Daryl Cockerill, Winged Spur Inn, Ullenhall Street, Ullenhall – New flat roof extension to toilet at the rear of property and new pitched and flat roof sections to existing part of covered extension.


Vote taken – application supported. Mrs. Pat Hughes will reply accordingly to Planning Department


Planning Returns

17/00070/FUL Geoffrey Haimes, Hall End Farm – Permission with Conditions

16/03533/FUL Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Gail Drury, Longmead Cottage, Henley Road – Permission with Conditions

17/00509/HHPA Mr. J Hodesdon, Westfield – Prior approval granted.


All the above noted.


Planning Notifications


17/00125/FUL St. Mark’s Cottages, Ullenhall – plan being considered at Planning Committee meeting on 5th April 2017.

Next Planning meeting, if required, Tuesday 18th April 2017, 7pm, in the Committee room.


Council approved nominated speaker to be Joan Bucknall : confirmed she will attend this meeting and advised council of her proposed statement i.e. supported application due to need for good quality rented family accommodation to be provided, does not agree with Planning Officer concerns regarding road view etc.




Hard Court area – a specification for the work to be carried out has been drawn up, (removal of hard court area and lighting and return to grassed area). Quotations received;


  • Mydrives & landscapes – £14,800.00
  • St. Clements Plant – £8,460.00 + VAT
  • Complete Restoration Services – £14,773.71 + VAT
  • SURFCO – £16,000 + VAT



Council agreed to offer works to St. Clements Plant based on recommendation of John Clayton. Ms Carol Clements will contact and arrange for works to be done after the Church Fete has been held on 3rd June 2017. Payment for works to be made from Charity Fund account.


John Clayton received a quote from Western Power Distribution to carry out the electrical disconnection works : £505.81 (£421.51 + £84.30 VAT). Council agreed to costs – cheque & acceptance form to be sent back by Ms Carol Clements.




Superfast Broadband – update by John Clayton : Cabinet 4 now connected and online, so suggestion made that individuals now arrange deals with suppliers.


Parish Councillor status – Derek Jones attended meeting to sign up as a Parish Councillor. Unable to do so as relevant book / paperwork was not available.

Roger Putnam confirmed his interest and will attend the next Parish Council Meeting.

Both gentlemen to be signed up as Parish Councillors at the next meeting in May 2017.


Parish Assembly Meeting – Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Speaker confirmed as Stephen Hartland, Chairman of the Victorian Society

Refreshments will be supplied by Joan Bucknall and John Clayton

Letters to organisations have been sent out

Fly leaflets handed out to councillors – agreed to distribute around village after the Easter break




W.C.C. Highways

Concerns have been raised over the potential flood risk caused by the obstruction of the stream along Watery Lane. The resident has agreed to lower the feature to allow a better flow of water.

Mike Perry will continue to follow this up.


The finish of the gabions along Watery Lane has raised concerns and W.C.C. highways contractors are to return to re-do some of the work.  

Mike Perry to follow up.


Road signage at the top of the village going onto the A435 will be looked into jointly with WCC.

Mike Perry will follow up and arrange a site visit.


Henley to Mappleborough Green Road

It was agreed that if any residents wish to raise any issues, they should send an email marked “Arden Community Forum” to This would enable a topic to be raised for a vote at a Community Forum meeting.

Ms Carol Clements will contact Lizzy Price at WCC to request advice on how to join in with the forum and how the process works.


Yew Tree Farm/Park House

Old entrance to the highway has been reopened as a temporary measure. Need to ensure it is closed when the works have been completed.




Email received from M. Tipping regarding possible usage of the hard court area

Mrs. Pat Hughes will reply and advise that, following a process of consultation, a decision has already been made to return the area to grass.




As at 3rd April 2017

Treasurers Account                   £61.81

Savings Account            £26,666.18

of which :     Precept is          £4,080.55

                    Charity is        £22,647.44




Precept _    E.ON, street lighting maintenance        £138.22

        Hughes Contract Services, field mowing     £60.00

Charity        Western Power Distribution            £505.81


The clerk to arrange payments.




Margaret Morris raised the issue of insurance cover for go kart racing at the Church Fete planned by Malcolm Aldridge.

Ms Carol Clements will write requesting that he submit a letter of intent and a copy of the relevant insurance cover.


Meeting Closed at 21:05


Next meeting to be held on Tuesday 2nd May 2017

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