Parish Council Meeting – 5th Sept 2017


Councillors :

John Clayton (Chair), Joan Bucknall (Vice Chair), Isobel Fitzgerald, Margaret Morris, Derek Jones

Clerk : Carol Clements

APOLOGIES : Roger Putnam, Barry Bates


Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Tuesday 1st August 2017 agreed and signed.

Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on Tuesday 15th August 2017 agreed and signed.




Warwickshire County Councillor – Cllr John Horner :-

Council has been on holiday for one month, so just getting back.

Advised that a free electric blanket check is available.

Advised that there is a £5,000 grant available for flood problems.

At the July parish council meeting, Cllr Putnam raised a query regarding the lack of 50mph signs on main road out of Ullenhall :

Cllr Horner advised that he was still chasing this up and will also find out about hand held speed cameras, although he believed that 40mph limits may need to be in place for these to be used.


W.C.C. Highways

Concerns have been raised over the potential flood risk caused by the obstruction of the stream along Watery Lane. The resident has agreed to lower the feature to allow a better flow of water.

Cllr Horner is dealing with John Brown (Warwickshire County Council). Cllr Clayton mentioned that there was also flooding on Church Road. Cllr Horner suggested that UPC might want to apply for the grant to deal with flood problems. (see above)

The finish of the gabions along Watery Lane has raised concerns and W.C.C. highways contractors are to return to re-do some of the work. Cllr Horner will follow up with John Brown again.

Stratford upon Avon District Councillor – Cllr Stephen Thirlwell :-

Advised that council had also been on holiday.

Cllr Thirlwell still trying to find out who has bought the garages in St Mary’s Close.

Advised that rent has been paid for the Church Hill piece of land, therefore cannot take any action until rent agreement expires.

Mays Hill : (actually HUNGER Hill cottages) car repairs were being carried out which were then spilling over into the paddock. Enforcement action has been taken. Cllr Thirlwell advised that an agent has apparently put in three appeals to the planning inspectorate, although no evidence of this can be found. Cllr Clayton advised that the section of redundant road being used is not on the deeds of land user. Cllr Thirwell will continue to pursue.

At June council meeting, Cllr Bates had raised a query asking why pothole repairs on Grimshaw Hill were being carried out on one side of a road, but not on the other side. Cllr Thirwell advised that an email had been sent onto Cllr Horner who advised that inspections are carried out every six months and that items have to be marked as “urgent” before any action will be taken.


Planning Applications

17/02384/FUL Park Farm, Ullenhall, Henley in Arden B95 5NW Vote taken – no objections raised. Clerk will reply accordingly to Planning Department

Planning Permissions & Other Planning Items

Prior Approval Granted – Ramshill Paddocks, Ramshill Lane, Tanworth in Arden B94 5BA

Permission With Conditions – Brook View, Tanworth Lane, Henley in Arden B95 5QY

Permission With Conditions – Dairy Barn, Mill Lane, Tanworth in Arden

All the above noted by Council.

Next Planning meeting : Tuesday 19th September 2017, 7pm, in the Committee room. Clerk will advise Councillors if meeting is required.



Clerk contacted Signs Express and confirmed order. Cllr Clayton has collected and paid for the signs. Signs have now been fixed in place.

Cllr Clayton had received a call from John Hughes regarding the recently replaced grass area. Council agreed to request that Mr. Hughes does not mow this area until further notice. Clerk to send letter advising.


 Yew Tree Farm/Park House :  Old entrance to the highway has been reopened as a temporary measure. Need to ensure it is closed when the works have been completed.

Ullenhall PC web site : Council had discussion regarding updating the website in order to comply with new Transparency Code requirements.


Clerk had previously sent completed mandates to Lloyds Bank to add Cllrs Jones & Putnam as signatories on accounts : Cllr Bates to update signature held on bank records. Cllr Bates not in attendance, therefore carry forward to next meeting.

Email received by Clerk on 2nd August from Lorraine Brock at WCC regarding street lighting issues, namely overgrown ivy & tree branches. Clerk to request Hughes Contract Services cut back overgrown ivy and tree branches.

Cllr Clayton received email from Mr. Denis Kynaston regarding the problems of vehicles speeding through the village. Clerk to reply to Mr. Kynaston acknowledging his comments and advising that Council is currently investigating the use of speed guns for which volunteers would be required.

Clerk received email from Mr. Steve Scott offering to volunteer for speed camera works. Noted by Council.

Clerk received email from Nicola Thompson at WALC regarding the availability of funding from the Transparency Fund to assist with costs to comply with Transparency Code. Council wishes to apply for funding – clerk will investigate further. Cllr Jones advised that he will be attending the Transparency Conference on Weds 13th September 2017 – he will get further details and report at the next council meeting.

Clerk received email from Cllr Horner regarding land ownership enquires. Noted by Council.

Clerk received email from Mr. John Timmis on 4th Sept 2017 giving notice of a Private Charity Clay Shoot to be held on Friday 8th September 2017. Noted by Council.

Clerk received email from Claire Thornicroft of WCC regarding the “Home to School Transport Consultation”. Clerk to forward email & attachments to Cllr Clayton to put onto village notice board and to Mr. Andy Jones for inclusion in The Ullenhall Update magazine.

Council received a letter from Mr. John Buckley regarding the check carried out on the defibrillator held in Ullenhall Village Hall : confirmed that the battery should last for another 10 to 12 months and that the pads are due to expire on 29th Oct 2017. Replacements are available for £20.00. Clerk to confirm that Council wish to purchase pads.


As of 1st Sept 2017, total held = £22,342.07 :

Treasurers Account (Precept account)            = £ 3,073.80

Savings Account (Charity account)               = £19,268.27


 To be paid from *Precept / *Charity account

Reimbursement to clerk via BACS (Precept) – total due = £147.61

  • £10.00 – monthly travel allowance
  • £17.33 – use of home as office allowance (£4 per week x 52 weeks divided by 12 months)
  • £120.28 – Aug 2017 wages

£160.00 – payment via BACS to Hughes Contract Services for mowing and branch cutting works carried out during August 2017 (Precept)

Clerk contacted The Victorian Society as the cheque for £35.00 issued in June 2017 had not yet been cashed (reference the Parish Assembly talk). Apparently, Mr Stephen Hartland forwarded the cheque to the Treasurer, Mr James Fletcher, but the cheque had not been received. Therefore Mr Fletcher requested as second cheque be issued. Council approved issue of second cheque (Precept).

£76.80 – reimbursement to Cllr Clayton for the Charity Field signs (Precept)

The clerk to arrange payments.

UPC received remittance advice from HMRC regarding the VAT repayment of £241.83 received. Clerk can confirm amount is correct.



Cllr Fitzgerald enquired about who delivered The Ullenhall Update magazine as some residents were not receiving copies in good time.

Cllr Fitzgerald had received complaints about tree cuttings & other garden debris in the vicinity of Crowley Close. Clerk instructed to write to resident to request clear up.

Cllr Bucknall noted that the finger post at the junction of Perrywell Lane / Mount Pleasant has fallen down. Clerk to contact John Brown at WCC.

Council also agreed that “No Through Sign” at the end of White Pump Lane / junction of Blunts Green Road should be replaced. Clerk to contact John Brown at WCC.

Council confirmed that they are happy for Cllr Jones to deal with internal auditing 

Meeting Closed at 21.40

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