A New Ullenhall.net!

Ullenhall.net has been around for about 4 years now and I was getting fed up with updating (or more often not updating) the same old pages. What it needed is a face lift and what it’s got is… a face lift. I hope you like it.

The site is now based on a Blog which not only means that updating the site is easier and quicker, but also that we have gone interactive. You can comment on anything you read and your comments will remain for all to see. You can also subscribe to the site using a news reader, which means that rather than having to visit the site on a regular basis to see what’s new, your computer will automatically go and get updates for you as they happen.

So let me know your thoughts on the new look by clicking the comment button at the bottom of this post. As ever, if you want to help with the site, please get in touch. You can either write something and email it to mike@ullenhall.net or become a regular contributor and update the site yourself.

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