December 2016 minutes



Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 6th December 2016 at 7.45pm in Ullenhall Village Hall.



Cllrs. Chair, J.Clayton; J.Bucknall; M.Morris; I.Fitzgerald; B.Bates; A.Stewart.

Clerk, P.Hughes



Cllr. A.Jones

W.C.C. Cllr. M.Perry

S-on-A District Cllr. S.Thirlwell



Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 1st November 2016 were agreed and signed.

Minutes of the planning meeting held on Tuesday 15th November 2016 were agreed and signed.


Meeting open to County and District Councillors for comments.






16/02219/FUL Mr. D Kilby-Edwards, Walmer Cottage, Ullenhall – First floor side extension. No representations made, but asked that attention be drawn to the 2 new windows facing properties in Meadow Rise.

16/03578/FUL Mr. N. Robinson, College Farm, Blunts Green – Two storey side extension. No representations made.

16/03588/FUL Ms. Tania Slater, Barrells Park – Change of use from agricultural land to equestrian and the erection of a stable block and associated hardstanding. No representations made.



16/01900/FUL Dr. Anthony Burman, Old Turf Cottage, Ullenhall – Change of use of garage to dwelling (retrospective).

16/03010/LBC Mr. & Mrs Ray and Sara Eyre, Railway Cottage, Blunts Green – application withdrawn.

Next Planning meeting, if required, Tuesday 20th December 2016, 7pm, in the Committee room.



  1. Hard Court area – a specification for the work to be carried out has been drawn up, (removal of hard court area and lighting and return to grassed area). The clerk has forwarded to 3 contractors to obtain quotations.



  1. Superfast Broadband

Henley Cabinet 4 – still awaiting upgrade

Henley Cabinet 6 – still awaiting upgrade

Tanworth Cabinet 2 – a Limited company is to be formed to upgrade

  1. Christmas tree lighting event – An excellent event well attended by residents. A thank you to John Hughes for organising the tree and to all others that helped on the evening.
  2. Yew Tree Farm/Park House – old entrance to the highway has been opened. S-on-A District Cllr. S.Thirlwell has investigated and the entrance will be closed as soon as the work to the property has been completed.








  • C.C. Highways
  • Concerns have been raised over the potential flood risk caused by the obstruction of the stream along Watery Lane. The resident has agreed to lower the feature to allow a better flow of water. Clerk to ask M.Perry to chase.
  • The finish of the gabions along Watery Lane has raised concerns and W.C.C. highways contractors are to return to re-do some of the work. Clerk to ask M.Perry to chase.
  • Road signage at the top of the village going onto the A435 will be looked into jointly with Worcestershire County Council. Clerk to ask M.Perry to chase.
  • Mary’s Close, vehicle parking issue – it is believed that the land where the garages are was up for auction on 6th December 2016.
  • Defibrillator – the clerk to arrange for it to be serviced
  • Solihull Cycling Club – the clerk has written to the club after complaints from local residents. No response has been received to date.
  • Henley to Mappleborough Green road, concerns raised over the speed of motor cycles. The clerk has raised it with Warwickshire Police Traffic Division.



Items for discussion

a.Email from resident regarding the length of time the Asset of Community Value on the Winged Spur lasts for. Confirmation states it is until August 2021.

b.Email from Joe Gratton, Shed Grounds Maintenance, Chesterfield, offering services.

c.Letter of resignation from Allan Stewart from his position of Parish Councillor. A thank you was given for all his input and dedication to the position whist he was in post. Also, a special thank you for his tireless efforts to bring Superfast Broadband to the village. The position will be advertised.

Items for noting

WALC, 67th Annual Report April 2015 to March 2016

CPRE Outlook magazine, winter 2016

CPRE, Countryside Voice magazine, winter 2016

CPRE, Field Work magazine, winter 2016


BANK ACCOUNTS, as at 5th December 2016

Treasurers Account………………..                                               £56.62

Savings Account……………………                                       £28,701.56

of which Precept is…………                   £5,940.38

Charity is………….                 £22,817.80



Precept           Hughes Contract Services                                         £225.00

  1. Clayton, War Memorial flowers               £12.00

Charity            Christmas tree                                                              £90.00

Mince pies                                                                     £30.00

Mulled wine, juice, biscuits                                           £50.36

The clerk to arrange payments.




Meeting closed at 8.52pm


Next meeting to be held on Tuesday 3rd January 2017

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