April 2016 minutes



Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 5th April 2016 at 7.45pm in Ullenhall Village Hall.



Concerns were raised over the speed of traffic through the village.

Concerns were raised over the potential flooding risk along Watery Lane. The free flowing stream is very slow and the water builds up along the lane.

A question was asked as to the possibility of another dog foul waste bin opposite the church. It will be discussed later in the meeting.



Cllrs. Chair, J.Clayton; J.Bucknall; A.Stewart.

W.C.C. Cllr. M.Perry.

Clerk P.Hughes



Cllrs. M.Morris; A.Jones; B.Bates; I.Fitzgerald.

S-on-A District Cllr. S.Thirlwell.



Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 1st March 2016 were agreed and signed.


Meeting open to County and District Councillors for comments.

Warwickshire County Council

  • Superfast Broadband sees Ullenhall included in the second phase
  • Officers are to carry out a Business Study over the next 6 months on the issues of joining the West Midlands Combined Authority
  • 40 new apprentices have been taken on
  • The effect of the Junior Doctors strikes in the area gave approximately 50% taking action in January and February of this year

S-on-A District Council – information provided from S.Thirlwell

  • Investigations to take place by the District Council on tipping at Walnut Tree Farm.
  • Ownership of the small piece of land at St. Mark’s Close is still being looked into.






16/00889/COUQ Mr. David Chapman, Dairy Barn, Mill Lane – Prior approval notification for the proposed change of use of agricultural building to 1 dwelling house with associated curtilage under Class Q(a) only.      No representations made.

16/00809/FUL Mrs. Molly Corfield, Corfields, Tanworth Lane – Change of use of land to Nature Reserve as part of Habitat Survival Centre (land outline in red). Land hatched red is right of access to house known as Corfields. Area hatched blue surrounding Corfields to be retained as garden land.    No representations made.

16/00848/VARY AM Developments Botley Farm Ltd – Mr. Andy Miles, Botley Hill Farm, Tanworth Lane – Variation of Condition 2 of planning permission 14/03915/FUL (conversion and change of use of curtilage listed barns into four dwelling houses with associated private amenity space) to allow for revised glazing arrangement to the north-west gable end elevation to Barn 2 and the inclusion of a chimney to Barn 4.    No representations made.


16/00172/FUL Mr. Phillip Canning, Edelweiss, Ullenhall – Permission with Conditions

16/00179/FUL Mr. & Mrs. Bostock, Rose Cottage Farm – Permission with Conditions

16/00261/FUL Mr. Richard Burman, Mount Pleasant Farm – Permission with Conditions


Next Planning Meeting, if required, Tuesday 19th April 2016, 7pm in the Committee Room.




  1. Hard Court area – information received from Committee which will be circulated to all Parish Councillors. A full discussion will take place at the May meeting.



  1. Mark’s Close – Adverse Possession of some land by the Parish Council has been applied for. S-on-A District Cllr. S.Thirlwell will look into it on our behalf.
  2. Superfast Broadband – progress is being made in that a new cabinet has been installed along the Henley to Birmingham Road to serve Deans Green and Blunts Green.
  3. Ullenhall Website – Ullenhall.net is now up and running under the host of Mike Tipping
  4. Parish Assembly Meeting – Thursday 12th May 2016

Speaker – to be confirmed

Refreshments – quotations have been sought, suggested platters as last time

Leaflets – to be distributed a week before the event

Letters to local organisations – to go out as soon as the speaker has been confirmed

A.Jones, notice by Village Hall

  1. Award submission for local resident – Cllr. G.Atkinson has forwarded information, but we are still seeking further factual information.
  2. Queens 90th Birthday Celebration – suggested pig roast, music, on June 4th Parish Councillors to meet next week to discuss. Clerk to book the pig roast.
  3. Grant Thornton, Annual Audit, 2015-2016 – New procedure



  • C.C. Highways
  • The tree by St. Mary’s Close has really low branches that need removing. Ask John Hughes to do this and add to next invoice.
  • Concerns have been raised over the potential flood risk caused by the obstruction of the stream along Watery Lane. This will be looked at when they carry out the work planned for Watery Lane. A letter to be forwarded to Mr. Robbins raising concerns.



Items for discussion

Letter from clerk with regards the purchase of a new PC. It was agreed to donate £250.00 towards the cost.

Items for noting

Local Council Review magazine

Clerks & Councils Direct magazine


BANK ACCOUNTS, as at 1st April 2016

Treasurers Account………………..                                              £83.47

Savings Account……………………                                       £22,320.76

of which Precept is…………       £4,734.44

Charity is…..               £17,669.79




E.ON street lighting maintenance                                          £138.22

E.ON electricity invoice                                                          £264.06

Ullenhall Village Hall, hire charges                                           £36.00

Hughes Contract Services, field mowing                                 £60.00


The clerk to arrange payments.



Dog foul bin to be requested for opposite the Church – the Grimshaw Hill sign is missing – concrete in ditch opposite Fox Hill.


Meeting closed at 9.50pm.

Next meeting to be held on Tuesday 3rd May 2016

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