Ullenhall.net was lauched into the world wide web in 2003, long before even Ambridge had a website. The aim was to give the village a space on the internet where outsider could see what we have to offer, ex-Ullenhallees could keep in touch and villagers could find out what was going on. I wouldn’t say we have achieved all these aims. Certainly sitting in my dark box it often feels like no one is out there, but the log file prove that some one is visiting us so…

Another aim was to provide access to village resources – something we never did achieve – but thankfully Sarah and Tom at ullenhallhistory.org.uk has take this off our hands with their brilliant website. While were on the subject of other sites connected to the village, look at the “blog roll” in the right hand menu.

Ullenhall.net is only as good as the content that goes on it… which is where you come in. If you’d like to become a contributor please get in touch. You can either email us your content or I can provide you with a login to allow you add it directly to the site.

And that’s about it for now. I hope you like the new look site and look forward to reading your comments.



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